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pictures of butterflies

Do you have some pictures of butterflies you have taken with your camera and would like to share? This is the place to do that....

pictures of butterflies yellow swallowtail

We would love to see photos of all kinds of butterflies including monarch butterfly pictures, swallowtail butterflies, butterflies you have raised, tropical butterflies you photographed at a butterfly conservatory and more.

pictures of butterflies

The only requirement is that it is a photograph that YOU took – no copies of butterflies from someone else or another website. Just your original photos! Check out these butterfly photos from other readers.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and a great subject for the camera. So let’s have fun and share our photos of butterflies!

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Do you have a favorite picture of a butterfly that YOU took? Share it here!

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Newly emerged male Black Swallowtail compositions with a "twist" 
This beautiful specimen over-wintered in my house along with a second Black Swallowtail that should emerge any time now. I've hatched Monarchs …

Photogenic Tawny Emperor 
Taken at a outdoor butterfly garden in Mission Texas. Karen says: Thanks for the beautiful close-up photo! This is a Tawny Emperor or Asterocampa …

Striking Gulf Fritillary 
Taken at an outdoor butterfly park in Mission Texas. Karen says: Thank you for the beautiful picture of a gulf fritillary butterfly. The underside …

1st Visitor = Inspirational 
My friend "Monarchs at the Beach" told me about her Milkweed Plant, and how it was a breeding ground for Monarchs, so I thought I would give it a shot. …

Eastern Tailed Blue 
This picture was taken in my lawn of this small Blue nectaring on some sweet white clover. They are fairly small at 1". The males upper wings are blue …

Least Skipper 
This Least Skipper had landed on a Red Salvia in the garden.

Gray Hairstreak 
This photo was taken at Gladstone Lake in western Il of the Hairstreak puddling. Karen says: Very pretty! Thanks for the picture of the hairstreak …

Monarchs at the beach 
This butterfly flitted about all day (July 16,2011) on my patio across from La Jolla Shores beach. 12 days later I noticed my milkweed plant had been …

Baby Caterpillar 
This is my first BABY Monarch Caterpillar. I have had many caterpillars before this one, but I found this one as an egg and hatched it!! SOOOO Cute! …

A Yellow Butterfly 
In a jungle in Little Andaman island, we found this beautiful yellow butterfly gathering salt from a puddle. I would love to know its name. Karen says: …

Swallowtail in Tuscany 
This photo was taken on our annual trip to Italy. 15/7/10

My first 'Baby'  
This is my first - original - Monarch baby. He had a sibling early on but he disappeared. I have approximately 20 more eggs that should hatch in the …

Monarch 2010 
This butterfly was drinking from my hummingbird feeder...

Monarch haven 
Monarch cats eating milkweed in a terrarium. Milkweed is in green oasis foam in plastic tubs. Chrysalis's hanging from top of terrarium.

Wintering Black Swallowtail Emerges 
This is the Black Swallowtail Butterfly that emerged after over wintering on it's Chrysalis in my shed. Imagine how excited I was to see it come flying …

Butterfly Bonnet 
This year we raised 14 Monarch butterfly's. On this lucky day we had 4 come out of their chrysalis all within 10-20 minutes of each other. My daughter …

Beautiful and entertaining Swallowtail Butterfly 
I was out watering flowers one evening and saw the most beautiful butterfly. It was huge! This butterfly kept me entertained all evening and I was able …

Queen butterflies mating 
Queen butterflies mating taken in Superior,AZ

Lauren's Monarch Butterfly 
(Click on photo to enlarge) We found one tiny 1/4 inch long monarch caterpillar on a milkweed leaf. This was our first time to raise a monarch. …

Swallowtail on Pride of Barbados 
Photo was taken with an iphone in our backyard. Was amazed he stayed long enough for us to get several shots of him.

Fritillary Chrysalis 
I have lots of caterpillars on my Passion Vine but this is the first time I've found a Fritillary Chrysalis...I moved it to my screen porch after I took …

My First Butterfly 
This is my first butterfly ever!!!! Karen says: Lo, it appears that your photo did not download. Try filling out the form again and where it says …

Butterfly Kisses 
(click on photo to enlarge) Butterfly Kisses is my garden's name. It is a memorial garden for my two younger sisters that passed away unexpectedly 18 …

Stanley the monarch 
Stanley was found by my son on a golf course. He turned into a beautiful butterfly. We are currently raising 5 monarch caterpillars now! …

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New Swallowtail 
Swallowtail emerges on a house plant.

Just Emerged Black Swallowtail Butterfly 
10 minutes after "breaking out".... Karen says Beautiful photo of newly emerged Black Swallowtail! It looks like the plant is Rue. I haven't had …

Monarch Chrysalis on Bike 
In Autumn we have to keep our eyes open. In our monarch butterfly garden the caterpillars go where they like - like on my bike!

White Peacock and fly 
There was an abundance of mushrooms growing in my lawn last year and I wanted to get some pictures of them. While shooting some pictures, a butterfly …

Blue Butterfly 
Taken at a local park in Edinburg Texas. Karen says Lovely picture! Is that a Pipevine Swallowtail? We don't have them up here in Minnesota.

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly Photo 
This picture of a Gray Hairstreak Butterfly was taken early one morning at a local park in Edinburg Texas.

Red Admiral Butterfly Closeup 
This picture of a Red Admiral Butterfly was taken in Choke Canyon State Park.

European Swallowtail 
Waiting for the other chrysalis to pop...

The Monarch Butterfly 
Monarch butterflies are the most beautiful of all butterflies, some say, and are considered the “king” of the butterflies, hence the name “monarch”. There …

Monarch on its way to Mexico 
At Allen Acres in Louisiana, we get a few monarch in late March but all have gone north by the end of April. They return in Sept and hang around to …

Tiger Swallowtail
"Hold That Tiger"
We usually have several of these throughout the year as we have toothache trees, hopwafer trees, and citrus trees for the caterpillars. This photo won …

A 'Comma' Butterfly 
I found this comma in the spring in my garden!

Two Black Swallowtail Chrysalis 
I work in a private school and we love watching swallowtail caterpillars. I always put a smooth stick and a rough stick in the cage -- if the caterpillar …

Long-tailed Skipper 
I shot it today, 11/25/09. Long-tailed skipper.

Monarch on Tropical Milkweed 
This monarch was photographed Nov. 4, 2009 (yesterday). All the butterfly weeds have gone to seed, but the tropical milkweeds are still setting blossoms. …

Giant Swallowtail Chrysalis #2 arrival 
Both of Giant Swallowtails arrived on the same day. I was so lucky to be home when all of the excitement started.

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Almost ready to go 
Within two hours the process is complete.

Giant Swallowtail Butterfly Stretch and fan those wings 
Fluid has started filling the wings.

Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars 
This photo shows both caterpillars at about 7 days old.

Monarch Transformation 
I took these photos in July of 2009. When one of the caterpillars got fairly large, I brought her inside for the rest of the journey since I had watched …

Zebra Swallowtail in Jackson County Florida 
These zebras are plentiful from June to September.

From eggs to just released Giant Swallowtail Butterfly 
I just happened to be standing close to a Florida Orange tree at a friends house and I noticed a Giant Swallowtail landing on each leaf and flying to next …

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