Baby Caterpillar

by Velvet
(Princeton, MN, USA)

This is my first BABY Monarch Caterpillar. I have had many caterpillars before this one, but I found this one as an egg and hatched it!! SOOOO Cute!

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Soooo cute!
by: Jacki Rich

It is so exciting to find your first egg and hatch it. I have been doing it for 6 summers now and can't wait allll winter long for the Monarchs to arrive. You are lucky----they are already in your backyard. I live in Northern Ohio and usually have to wait until the end of July. Hopefully they will be early again, like last year.
I have my own wild Milkweed patch that gets bigger every year. Plus last year I found some "Swamp Milkweed" which is going in my butterfly garden and will come back each year. I also purchased some Tropical milkweed seeds and they are also going be used for food this summer for my hungry cats.!

Monarch egg!
by: Mary O

Now that you have "hatched" your first, you will forever be searching! There is nothing more satisfying than raising them from eggs all the way to butterfly! Enjoy the experience!

Have Fun,

Mary Oppman

Thanks for sharing
by: Karen

Thanks for the great pictures!

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