Just Emerged Black Swallowtail Butterfly

by Alan
(Brooklyn, NY)

10 minutes after "breaking out"....

Karen says
Beautiful photo of newly emerged Black Swallowtail! It looks like the plant is Rue. I haven't had any swallowtail eggs on my Rue plants this year yet....maybe later in the year.

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pleasant surprise
by: Anonymous

We got a Golden Alexanders plant form a vendor at Prairie State Park In Missouri in the fall of 2010. It had several caterpillars on it which we covered with net to keep them in.We didn't know what they were as we had only raised Monarchs. We put it in the north window of the kitchen when we couldn't find any of them on the plant.On Feb.23,2011 she was washing dishes and looking out the window when she spotted the "Black" on the sill. We I"D it from your picture.

Swallowtail chrysalis
by: Anonymous

That's a great picture! I can never find the chrysalis for my swallowtails or for my gulf fritillaries, only for the monarchs...

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