Miracle of the Monarch Butterfly

... and Everything Butterflies!

The Monarch Butterfly is fascinating! It is a mystery of nature that enchants both young and old alike.

My interest began several years ago with one monarch butterfly.

Watching the beautiful creature flit around my garden, I observed the flowers on which it landed.

This prompted me to do some research on butterfly garden plants.

What I discovered is that there are two kind of plants to include when gardening for butterflies... butterfly nectar plants and butterfly host plants.

I created a butterfly garden plan which included both of these types of plants.

It wasn't long before... the monarchs arrived!

This led to more research and I decided to try my hand at raising monarchs.

I couldn't believe how easy it was and the miraculous butterfly life cycle captivated me!

Raising Butterflies

YOU can also raise Monarchs with my step-by-step guide to the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly.

Here are the amazing butterfly stages you will observe....

Description of image

The female monarch lays a creme-colored egg on the underside of a leaf from the milkweed family of plants.
Description of image

The hungry monarch caterpillar eats many milkweed leaves and grows from the size of a comma to about 2 inches long.

Description of image The last molting of the caterpillar's skin reveals a beautiful green monarch chrysalis (right). In about a week the chrysalis turns transparent (left) about 24 hours before the monarch emerges.

Description of image
At last the day has arrived! The newly emerged monarch is drying its wings. Notice the "empty" chrysalis from which the monarch emerged on the right.

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Are you ready? Let's begin our adventure into the world of the Glorious Butterfly..........

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