Elementary Lesson Plans

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle

Elementary Lesson Plans - I have had increasing interest in Science Project Ideas on this website.

As a result I decided to write some Butterfly Lesson Plans.

These Free Lesson Plans are on the Butterfly Stages, specifically, the Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle.

My new Monarch Life Cycle PowerPoint is the perfect complement to these butterfly lesson plans.

It is fascinating to study the Monarch egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. I am sure this will be a favorite of your students.

Teacher Lesson Plans

I have discovered that kids love butterflies...and especially the process of raising butterflies and observing the Butterfly Stages.

butterfly lesson plansbutterfly lesson plansbutterfly lesson plansbutterfly lesson plans

So, I did some research on writing lesson plans and got some input from my daughter who is a Elementary Ed major in college.

I wrote these Elementary Science Lesson Plans so you, as teachers, can share this fun, interesting topic with your students.

These Elementary Lesson Plans can be used as:

  • Kindergarten science lesson plans
  • First grade science lesson plans
  • 2nd grade science lesson plans
  • 3rd grade science lesson plans
  • 4th grade science lesson plans
  • 5th grade lesson plans
  • Middle School science lesson plans - 6th grade, 7th grade and 8th grade

If the lessons are used for grade 4 and higher, they should be expanded with more detail and information which can be found on this site.

They could also work and easily be used or changed for Preschool Lesson Plans.

As Homeschool science lesson plans, you could actually create a Butterfly Garden and raise Monarch Butterflies at home.

Raising Monarch Butterflies

Ideally your students would actually watch and observe the miraculous monarch butterfly stages by raising monarchs IN the classroom. If this is not possible, consider using the monarch butterfly movie on the life cycle. Seeing the life cycle will help them understand the different stages.

As soon as school starts you can try this easy fall elementary school science project in which you order monarch caterpillars and a caterpillar cage, then hunt for a supply of common milkweed which is usually easy to find in most parts of the U.S. and Canada.

You could also make this a Spring elementary science project, but you will have to plan ahead to provide milkweed - check out the links above and this butterfly raising kit for more easy science project ideas.

Make sure and give the parents of your students a link to this website so they can share the wonderful experience of Raising Butterflies with their kids at home this summer.

Resources for Butterfly Lesson Plans

I have put together some butterfly photo sets of the monarch life cycle to use in the classroom. They would be great for butterfly bulletin boards, flashcards, classroom art....another teaching tool to complement these Elementary Lesson Plans.

So here we go exploring the miraculous Life Cycle of a Butterfly with your students.......

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Science Unit

Butterfly Unit - Introduction elementary lesson plans

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