Butterfly Garden Plants

These butterfly garden plants will attract monarch butterflies and other butterflies to your garden.

Caterpillar Food and Butterfly Food

What do Monarch caterpillars eat?

Caterpillar food is called butterfly host plants. Asclepias is the monarch butterfly host plant. The common name for asclepias is milkweed.

The monarch caterpillars eat milkweed leaves and therefore asclepias or milkweed is the monarch caterpillar food.

What do Monarch Butterflies eat?

Butterfly food is flower nectar from butterfly nectar plants. I have observed that a favorite monarch butterfly nectar is the milkweed flower nectar. It is probably partly because monarch butterflies "hang around" milkweed a lot because milkweed is also the food for the monarch caterpillar. Milkweed is also a favorite nectar plant of many other butterflies.

There are many varieties in the Milkweed family of plants.

Buy Milkweed Plants

Butterfly Weed or Asclepias tuberosa is a popular host plant for the Monarch butterfly caterpillar.

It is a perennial plant that can grow from 1 to 2 feet tall. This butterfly plant prefers sandy soil but is successful in many home gardens.

You can't beat this great deal on these cheap butterfly garden plants. Choose between pink swamp milkweed plants and two colors of butterfly weed - orange and yellow.

Pink Butterfly Plant

Swamp Milkweed Plant

Orange Glory Butterfly Plant

Orange Butterfly Weed

Hello Yellow Butterfly Plant

Yellow Butterfly Weed

Last year I ordered swamp milkweed plants from this company to check them out. They arrived the first week of May and came as "bare root" plants (looked strange :) It is now 2 weeks after I planted them and I am already seeing several "shoots" coming out of the ground - looks great!

These cheap garden plants will give you a variety of milkweed plants to offer the monarch butterflies and you will save lots of time over starting these plants from seed.

My daughter planted her bare root swamp milkweed plants when I did. We found monarch butterfly eggs on the plant 1 month after planting the bare root swamp milkweed plants!

The company says that they ship potted plants when it the weather is warmer.

Cheap Garden Flowers

If you have time to start your butterfly plants from seed you will save money.

Check out my tropical milkweed (which is an annual that the monarchs love), swamp milkweed and the many other seeds which I offer in the Butterfly Garden section of this website.

Hope you enjoy creating a butterfly garden and are able to experience the joy of raising monarch butterflies!

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