Raising a Butterfly
Fourth Stage - Monarch Butterfly

Finally, the miraculous last stage of raising a butterfly…..the Monarch emerges!

I remember the first time I actually saw a Monarch Butterfly emerge from its chrysalis.

It was fascinating!!

Raising a butterfly is truly worth the effort just to observe this event.

monarch-hatching The chrysalis will begin to change about
9 – 14 days after it forms. The color will
darken. The wings will vaguely be seen
inside the chrysalis.

The chrysalis becomes transparent until
at last the Monarch butterfly wings
become clearly visible!!


Usually, it is the morning after
the chrysalis becomes transparent
that the final stage of this miraculous metamorphosis takes place.

The chrysalis splits from the bottom two sides opposite the necklace.


monarch-hatching monarch-hatching

The chrysalis continues to break open and the Monarch butterfly emerges!! This all happens in under a minute.

Raising a butterfly is being a part of a miracle!!


The butterfly wings are all “crinkled” and the body
is fat with fluid.

It immediately begins to pump the fluid into its
wings. Orange liquid will drop from its wings.

Then, before your eyes, this “crumpled” creature is transformed into a beautiful, perfect Monarch butterfly!!

It takes a few hours for the wings to dry. The Monarch remains quite still during this time.

Later in the day, hold a finger under the legs of the Monarch and it will climb aboard. What a thrill to hold your first “baby”!

Now, you can bring it outside and set it free. This is a great time to take some pictures. The butterfly usually is fairly still while warming its wings in the sun.

I found raising a butterfly to be such a captivating experience, that it has become a wonderful hobby. Welcome to the world of the Glorious Butterfly!!