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butterfly bulletin board

If you are looking for easy ideas for bulletin boards with a science theme, your preschool, kindergarten and elementary students will love this butterfly bulletin board. Also, be sure and check out the interactive bulletin board page on this website.

Combine a butterfly spring bulletin board and raising a butterfly in the classroom with these butterfly kits and it will be a favorite of your students.

This is a very easy project that my friends Kathy (retired kindergarten teacher) and Terese (artistic one) put together. I have included step by step instructions with photos to simplify making your own classroom bulletin boards.

I have a set of 14 butterfly photos available that would be perfect for creating this bulletin board or one of your own.

Butterfly Bulletin Board Instructions

Ideas for Bulletin Boards Monarch Butterfly Stages

  • I bought cheap fabric (about $3) for the background of this bulletin board. This works great because you can reuse it. Any kind of paper would work, too. Cut it to fit the bulletin board (the one I made is 46.5"x41")
  • This photo set includes the 14 photographs used on this bulletin board. I used 14 - 5x7 prints, but you could also choose the other 8

    Ideas for Bulletin Boards Instructions

    image set and maybe develop 1 - 8x10 photo of each stage. Or, draw the stages yourself.

  • Make the following labels (either use computer or stencils) - Stages of the Monarch Butterfly, Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly
  • Cut out white paper adding 1/4" around the photo...i.e. 1/2" bigger than width and height (i.e. these are 5x7 photos so it would be 5 1/2 x 7 1/2)
  • Ideas for Bulletin Boards Monarch Butterfly

  • Lay the photos and the label in the position you want them and add 1" to the overall width and height of grouping (giving you 1/2" border around, then cut out black construction paper to these dimensions
  • Bulletin board border, I just used tag board or you could use construction paper (my border is 3" wide)
  • Ideas for Bulletin Boards Monarch Butterfly

  • Make decorative butterflies for the border - mine are just stylized butterflies made from a folded piece of construction paper, cut in shape of butterfly, then outlined with black marker - put them up with a push pin and the fold makes them 3D (looks like they are flying!)....use these to cover up the seams of the border
  • Add photos (or drawings) of a female and male monarch butterfly off center on the sides (just cut out black and white paper as above to "frame" photos)

Additional Ideas for Bulletin Boards on the Monarch Butterfly

If you are rushed for time, here is a very simple butterfly bulletin board using the same butterfly pictures as above. These are just put on black tag board....quick and easy.

easy butterfly bulletin board

If you teach upper elementary grades you might want to add more text to the bulletin board with facts about each of the stages of the Monarch Butterfly.

For instance, for the caterpillar, add the scientific name of larvae and some specifics about how long this stage lasts and so on. You should be able to find this information on my Monarch Butterfly pages.

This new Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle PowerPoint is a great way to teach the butterfly lifecycles to your students and includes a free study guide.

Also, I highly recommend raising a butterfly in the classroom to coincide with your butterfly bulletin boards. It will be one of the highlights of the year for the students.

Butterfly Life Cycle Listings

I hope you and your students enjoy these ideas for bulletin boards on the Stages of the Monarch Butterfly!

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