Cold Weather

I live in South Florida, We are having a chilly winter. I have 6 chrysalis, that don't look normal. Sometimes they are on the side of the house instead of hanging from something. It seems when they attach to the wall, they don't hatch. Is the cold weather (no frost) killing them, and can they hatch if they are attached to the wall?

Karen says:
Butterflies will not emerge from their chrysalis if it gets too cold. I am not sure about the attaching to the wall. I have never had monarchs do this. I have seen other chryslis attach to a wall, though. Our home has steel siding and if it gets cold, I am sure the steel is even colder. I am wondering if the material the side of your house is made of might make it even colder.

You could try to move the chrysalis inside. Check out this page for information.

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