Moving the Chrysalis inside

by Cathy
(League City, TX)

How can I move a Chrysalis from outside to inside the house. One of the caterpillars attached itself to my outside garbage can yesterday 6/26/09. I have a butterfly kit already inside with other Monarch chrysalis in it. Can I attach it to a napkin and pin it to the side of the tent? Attach with glue? Any info will be helpful.

Thank you

Karen says
Be very careful in handling the chrysalis, but you could try taking some thread and tying it to the top of the chrysalis where it is attached to your garbage can (there should be a sort of "stem" where you can tie it). Then carefully free the chrysalis and tie the string to a branch (maybe in a vase) where it can hang freely. I have done this successfully before. I am thinking it would be better if the chrysalis was not touching the tent which it probably would if you pinned it to the side. Hope it works for you.

Comment from Cathy:
Thank you for answering all my questions? You have been very helpful. Instead of moving the Chrysalis inside of my home I want to move it from the garbage can to somewhere outside. Where can I move it outside where it will remain safe from falling?

Karen says
I would move it somewhere where it is protected as much as possible from the elements and wind...and also where you can easily observe it.

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