by Gail Artinian
(Detroit, MI)

Monarch caterpillars brought home from northern Michigan in late Sept. Developed into chrysalis state just fine. One emerged on a day that was windy, rainy and below 55 degrees. Even colder over night. Worse the next day. Is it ok to wait a few days until the weather is warmer before releasing them?

Karen says:
Yes, that is fine as long as you can feed them somehow (flower nectar, Juicy Juice, Gaterade). Also, my opinion on this is that the butterflies in nature have to "weather" the elements naturally, so I will try to put them in a protected place (inside a bush, undercover somewhere) and then when the weather improves they can begin their migration.


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Weather too cold to release Monarchs.
by: Jacki Rich

I live in Northern Ohio and my Monarch Chrysalis' are still hatching. I 2 had hatch yesterday, 2 this morning and 6 left. We had two days of rain, wind and cold temps. down in the 50's. Right now they are in the house in a 10 gal. aquarium. After they hatch I put them on our patio and they hang on the screen, at the top. Once the days warm up or the sun shines, I release them. I put a rotting pear on a paper plate for them, but I did not see them eat any of it. When the days and nights are chilly they seem to take more than 10 days to hatch. That is why I put them in the house--the warmer temps. cause them to hatch closer to the 10-day mark. I had one hatch last week that was in the Chrysalis form for 15 days. When it hatched it was fine and beautiful he was on the patio the whole time. I hope this helps.

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