Thanks to your Glorious Butterfly Website.......

by Jeanie
(New Port Richey, FL)

.....I learned how to successfully raise butterflies!!!

Since I first found you, just over a month ago, I have raised 3 Monarchs and at the moment, I have one Chrysalis and 3 "J's" hanging that will be a Pupa tomorrow! It is so exciting.....and I got it all on video, so I have been showing my friends. There are 9 more fat caterpillars eating up the rest of the Asclepias plant I have. I check them regularly! The plant is in a container on my covered porch.

My Pupas took 18 days to turn clear and then in the warmth of the morning sun, they emerged. I had my video camera set up on a tripod so it was easy to film while I watched the Butterfly's emergence! Nature is wonderful!! It took each butterfly almost 3 hours to be ready to fly. During that time they crawled on my fingers and arm!! I captured their first flights on film also!!!

Thank you for all your great pictures and suggestions. I have recommended this site to many friends.

Very Sincerely,


Karen says:
Jeanie, I am so glad that you have enjoyed the website and it has helped you raise beautiful
butterflies. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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