Take care of a spicebush or black swallowtail butterfly wounded wings

by Sandy Jones
(Alachua, Fl)

I am not sure which one it is black or spicebush but he/she was born on my window cell inside. I was drying rosemary and notice the lime green pod so I put it in the window then it appeared a few days later.

But the wings do not do well so it cannot fly. How do I keep it alive? I brought in some flowering herbs and keep it on there, but I know it needs more than that. Born 6/14/2010 around 3:30pm. Would like to keep it alive and don't know how to do this, also what is the life span. Thanks
Sandy Jones

Karen says:
Sandy, I have never had that problem with Swallowtails. Monarchs can have a disease called OE. It probably is just be a genetic problem. You can try and feed the butterfly "Juicy Juice" or Gaterade. Crumple a paper towel and saturate it with the juice then place it on a dish.

You also might want to go to this link and scroll down to the comments where one of my visitors shares how she cares for sick butterflies.

These butterflies only live a few weeks but if it is weak it might only live a few days.

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What do I do?
by: Anonymous

I found a swallowtail caterpillar on the side of the road and my mom had found one not very long before I found this one. Once we put it in an empty fish bowl it went into a chrysalis. One and a half weeks went by and my mom called me in. It had turned into a butterfly then we let it go. The next night it came back..."I'm guessing it wanted to visit us". Our cat had ripped its wing and its been trying to fly ever since....

to: sandy

Sandy the caterpillar on the parsley is a black swallowtail butterfly.

by: Sandy Jones

"Butter" passed on. "Butter" made it nine days and seem to be very happy. I will keep watching for more butterflies that need care and put more plants in my yard to feed. This was a rewarding time with Butter I will not forget.

My swallowtail name is "butter"
by: Sandy Jones

It is now going on five days. He/she is doing well, but wings are not well. "Butter" gets fresh herb flowers or snapdragon flowers and sugar water or gatorade. So far so good. I have found a new caterpillar on my flowering parsley. It looks like the monarch. I will be watching and report later.
Thanks for this website.

Sandy Jones

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