September Caterpillars

by Deb
(Raleigh NC)

Hi, I've been reading all of the wonderful information here and am so excited! I have about 40 caterpillars feasting on my parsley as we speak. I have a butterfly mesh kit my daughter got for her birthday. Can I put the plant inside the mesh bag to raise our own butterflies? or is it too late? Will these overwinter and emerge in the spring? I am in NC and it will be warm here for at least another month or so. i don't want to hinder them in any way. Please advise. Thanks so much! Deb

Karen says:
Deb, yes you can raise the caterpillars in the mesh butterfly house. I am not positive if these will be the generation that will overwinter. I live in Minnesota and am raising some black swallowtail caterpillars right now that I am quite sure will overwinter. Your climate is quite a bit milder so maybe these will emerge?? For more information check out my pages on raising swallowtails (if you have not already done so). Enjoy :)

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