Rest period?

by Jan

I live in Hawaii and the caterpillars love the crown flower plants I have in my yard. My question is, is there a rest period when the butterflies fly somewhere else and then come back? The reason I'm asking is because all the caterpillars have eaten all the leaves and flowers of the plant. My crown flower plant needs time now to grow all its leaves and flowers back; otherwise, there are no leaves and flowers for them. At one point, obviously, my plants had time to grow and then I thought the birds were eating the caterpillars. All of a sudden, I had lots of caterpillars. Most of them crawl off the plant and attach themselves to the house. So, is there a time when the butterflies fly away? Thank u!

Karen says:
Jan, check out this page on my website about Monarch Butterflies in Hawaii. One of the comments on this page said there were Monarch Butterflies in March, April, May and September, October. I am wondering since the Monarchs don't migrate, maybe they just move around the islands throughout the year wherever they can find the Crown Flower. Hope this helps.

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