Pruning milkweed in California

My question - I live in San Jose, California. I have milkweed in my school garden. What time of year do I need to prune it?

Karen says:
It depends upon what kind of milkweed? Is it still green and living?

Maybe some readers who live in California can help with this question, also.

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Pruning Milkweed
by: Carole in So. Cal.

I prune off the dead branches of the Asclepias physocarpa (Family Jewels) and the A. curassavica. The A. Physocarpa don't always live through the winter. I cut down any that have died or that look bad--after checking for caterpillars, of course!

A couple weeks ago, I spotted 4 large monarch caterpillars on a Family Jewels. Then it got cool again, and I haven't seen any Monarch butterflies around. Our weather has varied between the highs of 58 and 91 for the last month or more.

(I did see 2 Mourning Cloaks recently, and some Gulf Fritillaries--due to the willow tree and the Passifloras, I presume.)

I don't think the critters know what to do. The plants are doing great, though, after all the rain we had!

I'm in Spring Valley--just east of downtown San Diego.

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