Part of Caterpillar sticking out (Part TWO)

by Lorraine
(Jackson, MS)

My two sons and I are raising our first Monarch Butterflies from Larvae. Wednesday night we noticed the first chrysalis. It's now Saturday and the chrysalis has not formed completely around the caterpillar yet. The part sticking out looks dead, the chrysalis itself looks a healthy light green. Is this normal, is it just part of the shedding process. The other caterpillar formed a complete chrysalis within 24hours. Please help.
Karen says:
It looks and sounds like a Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) in which caterpillars and chrysalises are affected. Often the larva fails to fully pupate. Make sure and disinfect with a 20% bleach solution all of the equipment you are using to raise the monarchs because this is very contagious. Hopefully your other chrysalis is OK.

It's now next Saturday it's been a week and 1/2. The chrysalis is still healthy looking green with beautiful silver spots. The black part sticking out hasn't changed. I hate to throw it away if there's a chance for survival. The other caterpillar is in a separate container, do I have to worry about it being affected as well? Both containers were store bought and never used before. This Caterpillar was huge and very healthy looking before it turned into a chrysalis.
Karen says:
I don't see any reason you couldn't keep it and see what happens as long as it is separated from the normal looking chrysalis. Let us know what happens... Happy ending, butterfly hatched and it was beautiful. My son couldn't be happier.

First picture taken 4/24 now 5/9.. Happy ending. Beautiful Butterfly hatched and flew away today :-)

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other pictures
by: Lorraine

I guess I didn't do it correctly, but I posted some other pictures that are showing up. Just glad it's a happy ending.

Karen says:
Lorraine, feel free to try a new posting with the pictures if you would like :)

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