No monarch eggs

by Mary
(Scott County, Minnesota)

Why don't I have Monarch butterflies laying eggs on my milkweed? It's common milkweed, the invasive kind that grows in ditches.

Karen says:
I have found that the monarch butterfly lays eggs sporadically on my milkweed and I have to inspect the milkweed often because the eggs are quickly eaten by spiders and other predators. There are very few eggs that make it through the life cycle compared to number of monarch eggs laid on milkweed. Maybe try adding some swamp milkweed or tropical milkweed to your garden to increase your chances of finding monarch eggs.

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I agree - very few eggs!
by: Cheryl

I don't know when Mary posted about the lack of eggs, but if it's current (summer 2011) I totally agree!! I raise Monarchs every summer, and I go out every day to look for eggs and caterpillars.

At the very beginning of the season in late May/early June, I found lots of eggs, but now I am lucky to find 2 or 3 a day. And I check every day!! at numerous sites, including all around my own garden. This is really unusual. I have released almost 100 Monarchs so far this year (as of June 4, 2011) and each of those females lay 100-500 eggs each during their life cycle. I realize they don't necessarily lay in the areas where I look, but SERIOUSLY!!! Where are the eggs this year? We had a VERY COLD and LONG spring...??

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