No eggs so far this year

by Barry
(Schaumburg, IL)

We live is a western suburb of Chicago and have been raising Monarchs for about 5 years. We haven't seen a single monarch yet this year and despite having over 25 milkweed plants we don't have a single egg yet. Last year by this date we already had over thirty monarchs hatch.
Any reason we haven't see any yet other than the cold wet weather?

Karen says:
I live in Minnesota and although I saw my first monarch the end of May (same as last year) I haven't had any eggs on my milkweed. After that first monarch, I have not seen any other monarchs in my back yard. It has also been a very cold, wet spring for us here so maybe this does have something to do with fewer monarchs. I have a lot of black swallowtail caterpillars right now, though.

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Monarchs this spring
by: Carole

We usually don't have many Monarchs this time of year (early June). I guess they normally hatch out and leave the area. However, this year, I've seen a lot more Monarchs around. The other day, I moved a couple caterpillars to a bigger plant because they were eating all of the leaves on a small plant.

Our biggest Monarch season is in the fall here.

Lack of Monarchs 2012
by: Cathy in Ohio

I posted last season about lack of monarchs in my area of Ohio (Dayton area) 2011, although all plants and flowers are ahead of schedule here due to warm weather, I am again not seeing monarchs, or very many other types either. Anyone seeing them yet?

Where are the butterfly eggs
by: teddi

We live near Tampa Florida and had such great luck this past Fall with Monarch eggs. This April (2012) I haven't seen any caterpillars and am worried as to what is going on. We have a lot of Monarchs in the milkweed, but they haven't been laying eggs. Thanks for any help you may have.

Live in MN, Work in Hoffman Estates
by: Anonymous

I spent a lot of time traveling to Hoffman Estates this summer (2011), and was baffled by the lack of monarchs down there. I drive down from the Twin Cites. I stopped once just south of Madison to check out a bunch of milkweed, and nary a caterpillar. Did not see a single butterfly in IL.

We had a boatload of monarchs up here this year.

Missing the Monarchs
by: Anonymous

I live in Pennsylvania. The monarchs usually appear in August/September. My plants were loaded last year with monarchs. Very few monarchs and very few eggs this year. Maybe next year will be better.

No Monarchs this Year, Where did they Go?
by: sissurf

I have the same problem this year, no monarchs here in Virginia. I've been raising monarchs and swallowtails for years. I saw one monarch laying eggs just recently. My common milkweeds are growing crazy. Normally I would have to hunt down some milkweeds to feed my little flutter friends because they had eaten everything in sight. Every years it gets worse. This year is the worse I've ever seen! I was hoping it was just me, that was losing out on seeing the monarchs in my yard.

I wonder if there's other states that are hurting just as bad!


Karen says:
The monarchs are finally in abundance here in my Minnesota garden. I have seen lots of Monarchs in the last few weeks, but they seem a lot later than usual. So don't give up yet...

I accidentally deleted last comment
by: Karen

Someone just posted a comment about few eggs and I accidentally deleted it. Please repost it and I will add it. Thanks :)

Where are the monarchs?
by: cathy in ohio

I was just discussing this with my neighbor today. We live in central Ohio and last year we were releasing Monarchs by now. This year, no eggs on our plants or out in the fields. Have you noticed the milkweed is shorter this year? I assume it is all the rain and strange weather pattern, hope they return soon...

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