New "butterfly group" in Florida starting out

by Maria
(Panama City, Florida)

I am starting a butterfly group in our youth activities center on the navy base in Panama City Florida. I would like to know if you have any suggestions for us on how to look for them outside. We are limited to the base only..ty..

Karen says:
Find some milkweed and you can look for Monarch eggs and caterpillars. Then I would also do research on what other kinds of butterflies are found in Florida and what is their host plant. There are different kind of swallowtails in Florida I know and many other kind of swallowtails. If you go to the search bar in the top right of my website and type "Florida" you will find all of the pages on my website that talk about butterflies and Florida. This might give you some helpful information.

It would be fun to try and raise some butterflies so the kids can experience the miraculous life cycle of a butterfly. Check out my pages on raising monarchs and raising swallowtails.

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