Monarchs Bred in Captivity

by Jo
(Plano. Tx)

Recently had monarchs released that were bred in captivity for a butterfly exhibit. Do such monarchs migrate? If they came from Florida and were released in Texas would their migratory patterns be all confused!?

Karen says:
The monarchs that migrate are the ones that emerge in late summer or early fall, so that shouldn't be an issue. As to whether later butterflies that came from Florida and were released in Texas would have confused migratory patterns....that's a good question. Supposedly there is something (in weather, temperature, sun, etc.???) that causes the butterfly that is formed in the chrysalis to instinctively know when and where to migrate. Hope this helps.

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Eastern Monarch
by: davdub

Well, best practice would be to NOT release the eastern Monarch west of the Rockies and vice verse.

I know there's much discussion about the practice but not informed as to the facts. Interbreeding would obviously confuse spring/summer generations as to where they should be going?

Monarchs and Migrating
by: Carole Ann Brown

Here in So. Cal., I had 4 Monarch caterpillars in Feb. or March, but I think they left after they hatched out. I never did see one flying around the yard until a couple days ago--in June! We've had weird weather--sometimes as hot as 90, sometimes as low at 58 for a high--which broke some records around that time.

We mostly have Monarchs in the fall here. I've heard they are "tagged" on the UCSD campus in the fall (not sure exactly when), and that the over-winter in Eucalyptus trees there.

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