Monarch eggs in November

(Austin, Texas)

What will happen to the monarch eggs and cats that are on my milkweed plants now, in late November?

Will they complete their cycle and have much chance of making it to Mexico? Will they stay in Texas for the winter? Is it a good idea to try to care for them in captivity at this point?

Karen says:
Thanks for your question. Amazing that you are still seeing eggs in November - it is freezing cold where I live! I did find this for you....

"We’re seeing some monarchs throughout the year in Texas where people are cultivating tropical milkweed."

If you would like to raise them inside, I would go ahead. They have a much better chance of surviving with you helping them along, then leaving them outside. Make sure you have enough milkweed for them, though. It sounds like they may not migrate to Mexico (but, you never know).

I hope this helps. You can leave an update if you'd like by leaving a comment below.

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