Monarch chrysalis attached to a Q-tip.

I came home from work the other morning to find that one of my cats had fallen while trying to attach to the top of the cage. I thought it was dead but after watching it for awhile I found it was still alive twisting its body once and awhile. I watched it for awhile then figured out it was still trying to become a chrysalis and I don't know if they can do this while lying on their sides so I took a Q-tip and tried to hook its back end to it and to my surprise the cat hung on to it. I held this q tip with my cat attached to it for about 2 hours watching it with amazement as it completed the transformation but then it slid out of the skin into the dish i was holding under it. I again took the Q-tip to see if I could get it to attach to it and it did I now have a chrysalis on a Q-tip which I stuck into a plastic dixie cup like a flag pole sitting on a shelf in my living room. This is only my second year raising monarch's and I had never seen this stage before. It was totally amazing.

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