Monarch caterpillar forming J fell off milkweed, what to do?

by Bart
(Ithaca, NY)

What should we do if a Monarch caterpillar was in the process of forming a J and fell off a milkweed plant?

Karen says:
I am so sorry I have never had this happen. If the caterpillar is just "spinning" the silk thread to attach itself, I would just put the caterpillar back on the plant so it can start again. If it was already attached and in the J...I am not sure what you can do.

Are there any of my readers who have ideas?????

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Chrysalis fell off after formation
by: Anonymous

I have had this happen. First I took a pin and carefully stretched out the threads at the top of the chrysalis. They usually have quite a little topknot up there. Then I took some masking tape and cut into very narrow strips. I raise mine in clear plastic cups with squares of tulle (from your local fabric store) held on by rubber bands. I carefully tape each side of the chrysalis by the threads only. I use masking tape because it has some texture and keep it very narrow so the butterflies can get a grip on the netting instead of sliding off the tape. I then put the netting square with the chrysalis in the middle over the cup (so it hangs down in the middle with lots of room on both sides) and reattach to the cup using my rubber band. It has worked 100% for me. I also heard from a butterfly farmer to use a non toxic white glue. I haven't tried that one yet.

Fell off
by: DJ

I have one that chrysalis laying on the dirt. Found it when I came home and was able to hang it with a piece of thread. Waiting to see if it will survive.

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