Milkweed Plant spacing in the garden?

by Mary
(North Little Rock, AR, USA)

How close together do you plant milkweed plants? Do you group them, several plants in a grouping and how close together should each plant be grown?

Karen says

I'm not sure want type of milkweed you are talking about, so I will give you information on my two favorite milkweeds for the butterfly garden.

Tropical milkweed, a favorite of Monarchs, is an annual up here Minnesota and probably in Arkansas, also. It grows from 1 - 2 feet wide, probably wider in the warmer climates. I have scattered tropical milkweed plants singly around the garden and also put them in groups (three in a "triangle" is nice, maybe 18" apart).

Swamp milkweed is a perennial and a mature plant (takes 2 or 3 years) can get 3 - 4 feet wide. I have just planted swamp milkweed one plant, not in a group in my garden. If you have a large garden you could possibly plant in a group, but they should be at least 2 - 3 feet apart. They might get even larger in warmer climates, and then they should be even further apart.

I hope this helps and if there is anyone from warmer climates that can give more detailed information on milkweed size in their area, please leave a comment below.

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