Looking for Monarch eggs

I teach kindergarten and would like to raise Monarch butterflies. I have been looking in the milkweed for the eggs but am not exactly sure what they look like. I did find, on the underside of a leaf, some small yellow balls - very tiny. Are these eggs?

Thank you for a very informative site!

Karen says:
I am glad you have enjoyed the website Cindy! The monarch eggs are usually on the underside of the milkweed leaf (laid one at a time not in clusters) and they are white or creme colored. Check out these monarch egg photos.

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Monarch eggs in Oct.?
by: Linda

Fall is here and my beautiful garden is starting to die off. Sitting in my yard looking out thinking of what plants I will be moving and cutting to the ground...with the milkweed in mind, I witness a tattered little lady laying eggs. This not suppose to happen the experts say it near the end of Oct. I'm sure living in Ca. does give us move time to enjoy these fancies in flight, But laying eggs? Nevertheless...I will protect them, nurture them and send and guide them South in Nov. when they are born.

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