Lantana Butterfly?

by Georgina

Discovered a "different" butterfly today. Its wings are not very large, black with white dots. Body is a vivid blue with the lower third a bright red. There were at least two flying around my lantana plant. Will try for a picture but perhaps the unusual coloring will be recognized.

Karen says
Georgina, the only idea I have is a Common Checkered Skipper. They are very small butterflies. The only thing I am wondering about is the lower third being a bright red. I read the body has a bluish reflection in the sunlight, the underside of the wings are tan, green or white wavy rows and the coloration of this butterfly can vary quite a bit. Nothing about red, though.

Here is a picture....let me know what you think with a comment below.

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Atala Butterfly?
by: ericmiami

Could it be an atala? Host plant is the coontie.

Karen says:
Great idea! I have never heard of an atala butterfly, but I looked it up on google image. It is very interesting!

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