Keep newly emerged separate


I discovered that larger caterpillars in a terrarium will eat newly emerged smaller ones. I now keep each new caterpillar in a smaller cup till it is 1/2 inch long or so. I put a bit of paper towel in the bottom with a few drops of water for humidity and cover with a coffee filter secured by a rubber band. Each one is given a fresh milkweed leaf daily. I transfer by carefully cutting off the piece of leaf with the caterpillar and laying on the new leaf.

Karen says
Interesting....I have never had this happen with my caterpillars. I put my caterpillars on a stem of milkweed in a narrow neck small vase. Sometimes I have 2 stems in the vase....maybe put the newly emerged on one stem and the larger caterpillars on a different stem. Just a thought.

Thanks for sharing your method.

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