Is my Monarch dead?

We found a field of milkweed on our old vegetable garden and upon some research discovered a world of caterpillars - soon to be monarch's. We captured one, fed him well, my children named him Chubbs. Well Chubbs formed a J and a beautiful chrysalis. That was 19 days ago. He is still in his chrysalis.It's been chilly here at night and we bring him in the garage, cover his cage up and back out into the sun in the morning time. He still has some green color to the chrysalis and it looks black now at the top. Will he ever come out or did he die?

Karen says:
If the whole chrysalis turns black, than the butterfly should emerge very soon. If it is just the top of the chrysalis that turned black it could have a disease of some kind, maybe a Baculoviruses. Next time, you might want to consider bringing the chrysalis inside where the temperature is warmer and more stable....and you can observe it more closely :) If the monarch never emerges I would make sure and clean your cage and any items you used in raising the butterfly with a 20% bleach solution so you don't pass on any virus or parasite to future eggs, butterflies or caterpillars.

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