Injured Mourning Cloak

by Gregory
(Altadena CA)

I have a hatched Mourning Cloak that got injured when I placed it outside. It flew off fine, but about an hour later my wife noticed it was laying on the path with both sets of wings bent, not folded, to one side. We brought her back in and are trying to nurse it back to health. I don't know if she got hit by a bird or what, but the wings will not erect themselves.
In the meantime can you please tell how to feed this poor gal?

Thanks, Gregory.

Karen says:
Sorry for late response I was on vacation. I am assuming you figured out something for feeding the butterfly....but for next time.

You can try and feed the butterfly Gaterade, Juicy Juice or sugar-water nectar (1 part sugar, 10 parts water - boil water and add sugar to dissolve). Saturate plain white crumpled white paper towel with one of above and set on dish.

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