How long from caterpillar in J to chrysalis?

This is my first year raising Monarch Butterflies. I would like to know how long it takes the caterpillar to Chrysalis after it attaches itself into a J. Mine has been in that state for about 8 hours. I keep checking to see if it has become a Chrysalis but it is still hanging in the J position.
thank you for your help.

Karen says:
It can vary, but usually within 12 hours or so the caterpillar's skin splits and reveals the beautiful chrysalis underneath! I hope you can observe this miraculous event!

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Glad to finally find this information!
by: Anweilers from IN

Searched all over the web to find this information! I'm so glad that we found your sight. Our caterpillar formed its "J" around 9 PM and we would have been up all night waiting for it to change!

It would be helpful to know in addition to Karen's answer to how long it takes to know if they ever change into chrysalis at night. Thanks so much for your website!

Karen says:
You are very welcome :)

Monarch is like the above photo.
by: Dawna

This is my first monarch and it went into a J last night and danced a little Until then we thought the chrysalis stage was forming. Halfway between molting, we notice no movement. Before there was at least a jiggle here and there. What is going on?

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