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Attracting Butterflies

Gardening for kids is a great way to get them outside and interested in nature. Focus on attracting butterflies to the garden and it will be a FASCINATING ADVENTURE.

Add MILKWEED to the Butterfly Garden and your kids will have activities to keep them busy for the entire summer. Read the link about "raising Monarchs with kids".

Here are some ideas to consider....

Gardening for kids - Activities


  • Read about Nectar Plants and let the kids choose which ones to put in your garden.
  • Research which butterflies are common in your area and find out their Host Plant.
  • monarch butterfly

  • If you have Monarch Butterflies in your area make sure and include Milkweed. Raising Monarchs is very easy!
  • Try some Native plants....they are easy to grow and very attractive to butterflies.
  • Start some flowers from seed - two easy ideas are Tropical Milkweed (Monarchs love this...sow early...instructions on link) and Zinnia (fast and easy...butterflies love this).


  • Make a Butterfly Garden Plan on paper.
  • Plant flowers, host plant, and seeds.
  • Keep garden watered.
  • Weed the garden when necessary.

(Write in a Journal or on a calendar)

  • When do the flowers bloom?
  • What kind of butterfly is the first to visit the garden?
  • How many different kind of butterflies visit the garden?
  • What are the favorite nectar flowers of different butterflies?
  • Watch for butterflies laying eggs on the Host Plants.
  • Check daily for eggs and caterpillars on the Host Plants. (RIGHT)

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