Feeding Butterflies

by Louis King
(Lowell, Kent county, MIch USofA)

I have two Flutterby Butterfly feeders, which I've had several years. The bottom is clear,the top is Yellow with many holes drilled into it. Also on the top there are three basin like features. Seems as though when I first got them, it said a person could put some sort of Jam or Jelly into the three depressions/basin like features. I've since lost track of the boxes, and instructions, thus the information of what a person can put in the depressions. Does anyone know what will attract butterflies, so I can use these feeders for both purposes? Thanks for any assistance on this. Lou. Lowell, Mich

Karen says:
Lou, I am trying to visualize what your butterfly feeder looks like. The clear bottom you could possibly put some butterfly nectar which is water/sugar with a 10/1 ratio. Just boil the water, than add the sugar and stir until dissolved. Cool and "serve" to the butterflies. The top part with its depression or basins you could put fruit - overripe bananas, watermelon maybe. Also, Oriole birds like the butterfly nectar and they also like oranges (1/2 or wedges) so you could put the oranges in the depressions. Hope this helps - anyone else have ideas?

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by: Anonymous

It sounds like a generic butterfly feeder. Some have wicks that come up from the solution, others have bugle tips for access.

The depressions generally have little spikes to hold the 'over rip' (to humans) in the little cups.


Feeding Butterflies
by: Louis King

Karen. If you google Flutterby Butterfly feeder, it should come right up. I used 1 sugar to 6 water in it, but it's the top I'm wondering about. I've read rotten fruit, so I found a half rotten apple under my apple tree, and used that. Hopefully it'll attract them. Louracism

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