Fallen swallowtail chrysalis

by Erica

I have recently found a swallowtail caterpillar while at work. I work at a daycare so I was able to put it into a clear plastic bug catcher until I got home where I have a butterfly house. Well, before I could move it it attached itself at the top of the bug catcher. I did not realize that this was the first stage of it turning into a chrysalis and I moved it into the butterfly house, where it was just laying on the floor. I thought at first that it was dying, until the next day when I checked on it and it had made a chrysalis. Now I am unsure what to do because it is not hanging. I have read to just let it be as long as there is something close by for it to climb up on when it emerges, and I have also read that I should attempt to glue it into a hanging position. Any thoughts?

Karen says:
Erica, I always thought that it was better for it to be hanging somehow....but I could be wrong on that. I have never had the experience of a black swallowtail chrysalis on the ground. Is it attached to the bottom of the bug catcher and if it is can you turn the bug catcher upside down? Swallowtails are a little tricky because of the way they attach themselves. I have reattached monarch chrysalis tying a piece of thread on the end and hanging it from a stick.

Maybe some of my readers have some suggestions....

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Fallen swallowtail chrysalis
by: Anonymous

If you put a branch/stick in a near vertical position over the chrysalis lying flat, it will emerge and climb up without a problem. Have had several do fine this way.

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