Creating a Monarch Oasis in a Small Miami Patio

by Torres Family Monarch Oasis
(Miami, FL)

My husband and I have enjoyed watching the many butterflies (including zebras, monarchs, sulfurs, gulf fritllaries, queens and the occasional swallowtail) flutter through our patio over the years and decided to help out the monarch population by creating our own milkweed garden!

We purchased several scarlet milkweed plants from a local nursery, and the adventure began, and what an awesome experience it has been! Many monarch mommas happily laid eggs on our milkweeds, and we have been providing shelter and constant food (milkweed leaves and flowers) to the larvae, and have had over 22 healthy monarchs hatch from their pupas and fly off into the sky! It has been such a wonderful experience, that we would encourage anyone interested to please give it a go! Not only will you be helping replenish the monarch population, you will be able to observe first hand the amazing life cycle of the monarch.

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Beauty Is Everywhere
by: Mickey G. find and contribute to nature as you have done is a joy. Thanks for sharing it. Nature is a blessing and you are making a contribution and the payoff is superb.
My patio is screened....I live in a condo. I will share your experience with others that have their own homes.

There are several trees on my condo property that contribute to the yellow butterfly population. It is fun to watch each stage of development.

Visit to the Torres Monarch Oasis
by: Mommy dearest

I am the proud mother of the Torres team.
My children's garden is filled with beautiful
plants, butterflies, lizards, et al. My husband
and I are being trained to nurture Monarch butterflies. Can't wait to start.

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