Chrysallis refrigeration

Any one refrigerated black swallowtail chrysalis over the winter? I know they winter over in this stage anyhow, but not sure where to keep them safe from bugs until spring...thanks for the advice!

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by: Betsy

I overwintered mine in the garage (in IL) with no problems...cold temps but protected from predators seems a good option...

Overwintering chrysalis
by: Susie

I'm becoming a believer of refrigerating the chrysalis instead of leaving it outside to overwinter as nature intended. We have had warmer weather the last couple of days here in PA and I had a swallowtail emerge. Since it's November 14th there aren't too many flowers left in the garden, plus the nights get very cold. Needless to say this butterfly won't have a very long life span. At least the temperatures can be controlled in the refrigerator. I will probably try that method next year. In fact, I may bring in the ones that are still outside.

Overwintering black swallowtails
by: Anonymous

We have twice overwintered a Swallowtail by constructing a box with a thick wooden back wall,floor and roof and wire front and sides. It wasn't very large(8x5)and we mounted the box on a fence outside. This way the chrysallis was out in nature as it should be and protected from birds etc. Then in the spring we were very diligent about looking for it to emerge and transfered it to a large net container for a short time then released the butterfly. Each time we found the catepillar in our garden helped them overwinter and enjoyed that special opportunity. Suzanne

by: John

Have you tried a cold box or the basement?
Otherwise, you can use one of those small refrigerators that students use; they also work well c bulbs

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