Chrysalis split open...

I have some painted lady chrysalis's, but one of them seems to have split at the top a few days after it turned into a chrysalis. But instead of a butterfly, I see a dark gooey liquid that is where the chrysalis split. Its just a little, and its still in the chrysalis (sort of, it didn't fall out of the chrysalis, but its sticking out) Is the butterfly dead? Can I save it? Is there a cure?! Please help! I don't want my butterfly to die!

Karen says:
Sounds like it could be a virus. Nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) can affect caterpillars and chrysalises. Larva (caterpillar) may hang limply and die. They can become brown before dying and then turn black. Chrysalis can fill with brown fluid or have brown spots and then turn black. I would throw it away because it can spread easily. Make sure and disinfect with 20% bleach solution any items you would use again to raise butterflies.

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Chrysalis split open
by: Jacki Rich

I feel your pain. I have raised Monarchs for 5 years now and have lost a lot of caterpillars, chrysalis' and butterflies to this disease and other diseases. It is heartbreaking, but it happens. Just nature doing it's thing. Don't get discouraged, though, as there are many more cats., chrysalis' and butterflies to come! Good luck!
Jacki Rich
Amherst, Ohio

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