Chrysalis found on the Ground
Down and Doomed?

We Central Californians have had very rainy and windy weather recently and I just found a crysalis on the ground between two paving stones near the milkweed plants....I put it on a shaded nearby work bench and surrounded it with empty flower pots so it won't fall off. Is this butterfly done for? Is there something else I can try? Should I bring it in the house?
Nancy King
Santa Barbara County

Karen says:
I am not sure if you were able to "hang" your chrysalis, but here is what I have done. Tie some thread to the top black "stem" of the chrysalis and then I tie it to a stick which I put in a small vase. You can bring it inside then and maybe witness the butterfly emerging.
Try to handle the chrysalis as little as possible. I hope this helps.

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Down and Doomed?

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falling cocoon
by: DJ

I had one that fell, it was smaller then the others. It had just enough black piece on top to tie a thread and tie to a hang. Start to tie the thread first it will make it easier. Mine emerged as a small monarch. Hope he lives. DJ

Unattached Chrysalis
by: Jo Land

We have found that if chrysalides are left on their side for whatever reason during morph, the butterfly will not emerge proportioned and will have difficulties because of this. If you can, do what Karen says. We actually use a bit of hot glue to attach them to our "chrysalis tree".

Karen says:
Jo, thanks for that tip about the hot glue. I have also experienced that the butterflies emerge with problems.

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