Caterpillars eating Milkweed
Hungry little Fellows

by Cathy
(League city)

Caterpillar eating milkweed stem

Caterpillar eating milkweed stem

I purchased a large milkweed plant and the caterpillars ate all the leaves. I will purchase another one soon. My question is will they eat the stems also? What else will they eat?
Thank you,


Karen says:
As you can see in the photo above, yes the caterpillars will eat the stems, but they will not last long with a hungry Monarch caterpillar.

The only plant that the Monarch caterpillar eats is milkweed. If you don't want to buy another plant, find a swampy or weedy roadside area and look for some common milkweed. Cut a stem and put it in some water and let the caterpillars have a feast.

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Hungry little Fellows

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by: Anonymous

Hi Cathy I read that a caterpillars eats about 20 to 30 leaves in their life. Be sure to save the seeds when the pods open. Store them in the garage or refrigerator in a ziplock. When the spring warms up plant them or start them in pots. They need to be chilled for at least 30 days. Good Luck. DJ

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