Can my crysalis survive 30 degree weather?

by Phyllis
(New Orleans, LA)

I live in New Orleans, LA and in late Oct found my yard covered in Monarch Chrysalis....which is lovely but it's going to be 30 degrees tonight. Will they survive? They've been hanging for about 18 days already. It's been cold here off and on....nothing freezing yet but some nights have been about 40 degrees. What will happen to them? Should I snip them off the house and bring them inside somehow? Our yard is covered in Milkweed so they come here a lot and we enjoy them very much.

Karen says:
I am not certain if they can survive that cold of temperatures. Maybe you could bring a few of them inside (remove where top black "stem" is attached and carefully tie thread to "stem" then hang from a stick or something..try to handle chrysalis as little as possible). You can compare how these chrysalis do compared to ones outside. Good luck!

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