Can I raise monarchs in the State of Washington?

by David Schneider
(Los Organos, Piura, Peru)

I didn't see a map of natural habitats but may have missed it.

Do monarchs live in the Pacific Northwest? We will be living there for about a year soon.

I lived in Santa Cruz, California, where Natural Bridges State Park was a gathering place for thousands of monarchs before they traveled across the Monterey Bay. I hear that the number has dropped considerably there.

Is that true?

Karen says:
David, I guess I need to do a page on the Monarch range:) I checked and I don't think I've had questions before from Washingtonians. According to this article on butterflies in Washington there are no monarchs in Washington but I also found a few references saying there were some monarchs in Eastern Washington.

Yes, the monarch numbers in California are down quite a bit (although they vary a great deal from year to year depending upon weather, etc.). Here is an article about monarch butterfly colonies in California.

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Can I raise Monarch is the State of Washington
by: Susan

Glad to have found this site! I too would like to raise Monarch Butterflies in Western WA, but cannot find a source that will sell kits west of the Rockies. Any info anyone else has on Monarch Butterflies in WA would be great. Thank you!

PNW Monarch's
by: Anonymous

Here's what I can share from living in Oregon. The Milkweed was eradicated from Oregon in the mid 90's. I have not read of the same eradication taking place in WA state. There are some milkweed in Celio, OR and that probably from seeds blowing over the Columbia from WA.

In my communication with a Professor in CA, its estimated that Monarchs fly over OR in approx 10 days (300 miles approx). They have nectar in their migration north but no host plants to lay their eggs.

Theirs a grass roots effort to replant OR in grassland areas that wouldn't be cut but stay fairly moist in our 3 months without rain.

The problem isn't the Monarchs, the problem is the eradication of their host plant.

Hope this is helpful - dispurse Milkweed seeds!

Where to buy Monarch Butterflies
by: Anonymous

Try Sweet Memories Butterfly Farm. They are located in California. I ordered from them last year (2011) and had them shipped to north Idaho.

Monarch in Washington State
by: Anonymous

I have lived in SE Washington (Tri-Cities) for 54 yrs. As a child there were Monarchs all over every summer. This summer was the first time I have seen one in many years. My mother was always sad that she had been so through with her destruction of the milkweed plants on their farm. I moved to the country and have been "cultivating" my milkweed. I would like to order some Monarch eggs or caterpillars if I can. Any one know of any place that will ship to Washington?

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