Butterfly with broken wing
How often to feed

by Cathy
(League City)

How often do butterflies need to eat? I am feeding it some sugar water. It has a broken wing and I have it inside.

Karen says:
Cathy, I would let the butterfly eat until it isn't interested any more and do this every few hours. In the wild, butterflies vary a great deal on how often they eat....depending upon weather, temperature and availability of nectar.

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How often to feed

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Fix a broken wing video
by: Karen

Thanks Cindy,
LiveMonarch is a great site and I am one of their partners. Thanks for the tip on the video...I had not looked at that page before. Very interesting!

How to repair a butterfly's wing
by: Cindy

Save any butterfly wing parts you find. The good news is it's often possible to replace or mend a butterfly's broken or torn wing with a piece of cardstock or to 'transplant' a missing section of wing using parts of wings you've collected.
I've tried it a few times, it takes a real keen eye to match up veins and not overdo the glue...just view the following video from the LiveMonarch Foundation:

Fix a broken wing

Also visit the LiveMonarch website for very user-friendly instructions on how to raise butterflies, what to feed them at which stages, how long they live, etc. etc.

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