Breeding Monarchs

by Jacki Rich
(Amhert Twnship., Ohio)

If I were to keep a few female and male Monarchs, after they hatch, would they breed in captivity? Also, how soon after a Monarch hatches does it begin to breed and lay eggs?

I live in Northern Ohio and have raised Monarchs for 5 years now. I just recently discovered the Monarch Castles and will surely by one for next season! I usually raise between 15-20 each summer, but so far this summer I have already hatched 22 Monarchs, have 25 cats. and 3 eggs left to go.

I also purchased my first "tagging kit" and have tagged 15 Monarchs this summer. It is so much fun raising these little critters and watching them go through all the stages and changes. I live to do this every summer!!

Karen says:
You can breed monarchs in captivity although I have never tried this. The monarchs can breed shortly after they hatch. But, the last brood of monarchs in late summer do not breed. Their reproductive organs do not mature, instead they prepare for their migration to Mexico. Then when the days get longer in late winter and it starts to get warmer in Mexico the monarchs sexually mature and breed...then travel North.

You have maybe already seen my page on tagging monarchs....this is a fun project. I am so glad you are finding joy in raising monarchs!!

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Monarch feeding and breeding
by: JS

I was wondering the same thing about breeding. I have 4 females and one male. I placed a milkweed plant in the net cage, but see no activity.

Also I have nectar in a bowl with soaked paper towel and never see them eat. I have been taking one at a time, and using a straight pin pulling the probiscus out and they do feed. Do I need to continue to do this or will they eat on own, and maybe I am not seeing it?

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