Black Swallowtails in the Southern States

Hello! We were given 3 black swallowtail cats and have them in a plastic tub with a mesh plastic top. When we received them, they were already large with the stripes and have been eating fennel and parsley for a week. Two are now on sticks and the third is still eating. Do you think they will pupate and emerge this month or will they overwinter? If they overwinter, should I keep them in this container inside the house? It stays so hot here in Mississippi until November!

Karen says:
In the Southern states the black swallowtails have 3 "broods" so my guess is that as long as it stays hot there until November that these black swallowtails will emerge for you before winter. FYI...when you overwinter chrysalis they have to be kept in the garage or someplace cold. Then when the weather turns warms in spring you can bring the chrysalis inside to try and observe the butterfly emerging :)

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