Black Swallowtail Questions

by Arlene

I noticed a few small BS cats yesterday on my planter containing dill & parsley, that is set on a retaining wall in full sun, about a foot away from any other plants and I want to make sure they will be okay. Should I move the container to another area, closer to plants so that they can form their cocoons more easily? I have a shadier "messy" area with sage, a japanese maple, tiger grass and some small purple flowered butterfly bush-type pants, is this a good area to place the planter? I'm afraid they will be easier to see for birds where they are right now and I don't think the dill is "sturdy" enough for the BS cats to form their chrysalis on. Also, are bees enemies to the cats? I see them flying around and wonder if they are trying to eat them. Thanks in advance for your help and your informative site. Before yesterday, I had no idea about the fascinating lives of these beautiful creatures!

Karen says:
How about bringing the Black Swallowtail Caterpillars inside so you can observe their life cycle? You will probably be saving most of them because out in the wild the majority of caterpillars don't make it through the life cycle. If you decide not to bring them inside then it doesn't probably matter where the pot is because they will wander until they find somewhere to attach and become a chrysalis. Hope this helps. Enjoy! :)

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