Black Swallowtail chrysalises not hatching...

by Lela Roy

I have 6 Black Swallowtail chrysalises that pupated in late June. It is now September and none of them have hatched. I was worried that they were dead but I saw one of them move today and now I am just confused as to why they have not hatched yet? They have been kept pretty warm so I don't really see why they would be trying to overwinter.

Does anybody have an approximate time estimation it usually takes for them to hatch? What should I do with them at this point? I have no idea!

Karen says:
That seems like a very long time. The black swallowtail's time to emerge varies quite a bit in my experience. I would say generally they emerge between 2 to 3 weeks (except those that overwinter). As far as what you should could just leave them or put them in a colder place until spring and then bring them inside.

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by: Bunny

I have two cocoons, one I think is a swallowtail and the other ??? It's rather large, white, the size of a golf ball, but oval with papery shell. I'm in NJ. Should I put them in the shed to winter over? I have them in a large plastic container with sticks resting on angles and a mesh covering. I'm not sure what you mean by "prepared area."

Monarch Chrysalis Not Hatching
by: Jacki Rich

I have a similar problem with my Monarch Chrysalis taking a lot longer than normal. I have one that was due to hatch Sept. 17th (10 days) and it is now Sept. 23rd and I see this morning he is all black and ready to hatch today. Is it the chilly nights that slow them done? I have never had a Monarch Chrysalis take 16 days to hatch. This is my 5th summer for raising them.

Karen says:
I have experienced that temperature does affect the time in the metamorphosis process....the "world of butterflies" is fascinating :)

by: Lela Roy

If I don't really have a readily available cold place, is it bad to leave them as be? I figured the reason they came out in the first place was because they are confused about the weather. We are having an unusually cold summer in California.

Karen says:
You could leave only concern would be if there is something wrong with them (virus, bacteria, etc.) you would not want to contaminate any new butterflies that you raise. So keep them separate and clean any cage or supplies that you use for raising butterflies with 20% bleach solution between each use.

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