Black Swallowtail Chrysalis Not Hatching

by Cathy B
(Vandalia, Ohio)

I had 2 black swallowtail cats. They pupated about 5 days apart, one was greener than the other, the greener one emerged and was set free, the other is very dark and still has not emerged and it has been almost 2 weeks since the other did. It is Sept will this one likely overwinter? I also have 9 cats eating and growing will these likely overwinter? If so, should I put them in the garage? Will they be in chrysalis form?

Karen says:
Cathy, my guess is the 9 caterpillars will overwinter. Yes, they will be in chrysalis form and you can keep them in your garage (someplace cold). I am not sure about the "darker" chrysalis that has not emerged. Maybe that will also overwinter or maybe it for some reason just won't complete its metamorphosis??

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