Are all the seeds annual plants?

Hi there...

My daughter started preschool this year and learned about the butterfly life cycle and is now IN LOVE with butterflies.

I thought making a butterfly garden with her this summer would be SO much FUN!

Could you tell me if your seeds are annual plants or perennial plants? I live in southeast MO and I think I'm a zone 7.

Will we get flowers this summer if we plant now?

Thank you for your help.

Karen says:
I have both annual and perennial seeds. The easiest and fastest growing seeds to start I think are the tropical milkweed (host plant for monarch butterfly) and zinnia (nectar plants for most butterflies). Check out the easy butterfly garden or tropical milkweed and zinnia pages. These would be annuals. They will flower but it will take probably until mid summer. The perennials take much longer to germinate, grow and flower but you could try them too :)

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