Ants eating eggs and cats...

by Maureen
(Titusville, Florida)

I have alot of milkweed for my butterflies and raise Monarchs and Swallowtails. I never use insecticide and 'hand pick' the pests off like red/black beetles and ladybugs take care of the aphids. Have not had a problem with ants but if I did I would glob petroleum jelly near the base of the plant. They won't be able to crawl up the stems. I use this on my shepherd hooks I hang my hummingbird feeders cause the ants love the sweet liquid. I spread a thick one inch wide glob and have since not had the problem.

Karen says:
Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't think the petroleum jelly would do anything to the plant...sounds like a good idea. Anybody tried this??

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Ants eating eggs
by: Kathy, Trinity, FL

The petroleum jelly sounds like a great idea, but if it keeps the ants from traveling up, would it keep the cats from crawling down when they are ready to find a place to build a chrysalis? Just curious.

Karen says:
I didn't think of that, although I have had the monarchs I raise inside attach to the underneath side of the leaves on my milkweed that's always a possibility :)

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