Advice needed please reply

by June

I asked a question last week I hope I can get some help as things have changed a little since then.

About ten days ago I saw a Red Admiral butterfly in a spiders web, I took it out and it could walk but not fly. I made up sugar water and put wild flowers in a box and the butterfly fed ok, I took it in the garden on warm days and it just walked around. After about 4 days it seemed to be dying I felt pretty useless and now it hasn't moved for a few days, do they sleep if the temperature goes down? or is it dead? Then a couple of days later another Red Admiral was on the carpet and could not fly it had come in through the window, I did the same and it was fine for a few days then it did the same as the other one only the next time I looked in on it there was a caterpillar in the box?? The adult hasn't moved but the caterpillar moves around the nettle leaves? Please can somebody advise me what to do. This has never happened before.

Karen says:
My guess is that the butterflies have died if they haven't moved for a few days Unless it is really cold in which case they could probably remain still until the temperature warms.

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advice appreciated
by: June

I have never reared butterflies before and now that I have a caterpillar I was not sure what to do, I have a glass bowl like an fish bowl, I have put some peat in the bottom with a few small sticks, some nettles, the caterpillar has grown even in 2 days, seems quite healthy please can you tell me if there is anything else it needs???? I am a complete novice so any information would be greatly appreciated.

Karen says:
June, check out the information on raising monarch butterflies for a starter. It depends what kind of caterpillar you have as to what you feed it.

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